Sherpa U

Students feel alone facing a complex, fragmented, life-altering experience.


I worked as a UX and Product Designer during Seattle Startup Weekend 2017 for Sherpa U.

Design Objectives

  • Mobile, user-friendly application to help students navigate the complex process of applying to college.
  • Conversational guidance that comprehensive, ubiquitous, actionable.
    User acquisition through inbound channels, e.g. Facebook chatbot, and strategic partnerships.
  • After simple on-boarding, users visit Sherpa U. webpage — a centralized, one-stop shopping for collecting, tracking, compiling, executing all college application requirements and actions.


A survey is conducted through surveymonkey. Please click this link to view.




Chatbot Prototype


  • Operations
    Allison Rosenberg, Ph.D.
  • Business Development & Marketing
    Fang Li
  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Development
    • Sagar Narla
    • Son Nguyen
    • Audrey Andoy
  • Chief Student Advisor
    Kaamna Rishi