Search and Rescue Management System

Search & Rescue Management System

Application of Integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) for Search and Rescue Management System of Davao Gulf

Search and Rescue (SAR) Management System uses the application of integrated GlobalPositioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS)technology.  It is made up of a SAR tracking device, Base Station Receiver, and GIS Electronic Map.

The SAR tracking device provides the date, time, and exact location of the accident.  It constantly obtains GPS data from the outside environment but transmission only happens when an emergency takes place.  Since it is immensely probable that the user panics during an emergency, the SAR tracking device hastwo triggering mechanism – a manually operated emergency switch and a sea-water activated sensor which automatically turns on the device.  After the activation, transmission begins.  A Zigbee transmitter is incorporated with theGPS receiver into the SAR tracking device which is responsible for thetransmission.

GPS data are transmitted into the base station receiver.  It forwards the information into and rescue.  The computer has star tracking map software which displays the date, time, and the location(latitude and longitude) of the disaster. The software accepts selected GPS data. It also stores them in the database. 

During the reception of the transmitted GPS data, emergency information is disseminated to registered remote stations through Short Message Sending(SMS).  Mobile broadcasting situation reports are delivered periodically. Every ten minutes SMS messages are sent to different stations for easy-monitoring.  Moreover, people can inquire for updates concerning the accident by texting EINFO (EmergencyInformation).

Hence, the Search and Rescue Management System that uses integrated GPS and GIStechnology is essential in mitigating SAR cases and contributes to strengthening community based emergency system by securing the welfare of the people and the community.