Mind Elf

An education platform that increases student’s classroom performance while reducing professor’s class preparation time.

The image shows how the professor’s dashboard is populated with relevant data from the student’s application.


I own the end to end UX initiatives in MindElf; from designing the prototypes of the products that enable the team to pitch ideas effectively when interacting with potential customers, partners, and investors to creating wireframes for the website.

Since it is an early startup, the team is actively evangelizing ideas in various opportunities such as the BCP in the University of Washington and education community. Hence, I applied agile PM techniques in doing this UX project to meet deadlines after deadlines.

Design Objectives

MindElf aims to create a platform for increasing student’s classroom performance while reducing professor’s preparation time. Presently, the aim is to design an application that makes Calculus data-driven for educators.

In order for the educators to be data-driven, the students need to provide this information. I have to consider designing a product where its value is not contained by the product itself but from the rest of the ecosystem. Hence, I wanted to see the interplay between the student’s and professor’s experience, and how bringing this social experience and shortening the feedback loop can be a business opportunity.


First, I used agile project management techniques from February to April. We needed to quickly make a series of iterations while doing research and ensuring we have something to present during the events. What I did not want to happen is for the design quality to suffer because we are pressed with the deadlines.

Time is a huge factor for the completion of our prototypes, I decided to use figma in creating the visual designs and prototype.

Next, I wanted to align the UX goals with technology and business goals. From an operational and design standpoint, I strongly believe that knowing the functional specifications and business target are crucial. My mindset is business being the soul, technology as the skeleton, and UX as the skin.

My workflow consists of a linear process; business, technology, then UX.


A. Student’s MindElf Mobile Application

A/B Testing (Screen A is split into two screens; Screen B.1 and Screen B.2)

B. Teacher’s MindElf Web Application

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One of the things I have learned about designing the products is to the importance of increasing the number of respondents when conducting a research. It would also be great if new survey questions will be formulated based on the survey results of the professors. This is to see whether the problems of the students perceived by these professors are not only their perception but also the reality of the students.

Lastly, it might worth noting that the prototype was well-received by the judges during the investor round. It was very helpful as the team tried to articulate our ideas by allowing the listener to envision the experiences visually through the interactive prototype.

MindElf applications in different devices.

To learn about the startup, visit mindelf.com.