Elliott Bay Book Company

A User Research academic project that used User-Centered Design framework in designing.


I conducted various UX research activities with a fellow designer and researcher.

Design Objectives

Redesign the Elliott Bay Book Company website with the following criteria:

  • Provide a rich content website that is easy to navigate.
  • Encourage in-store experience by appealing to locals tourists.
  • Generate incremental revenue through online books sales.


We used the User-Centered Design process in redesigning the Elliott Bay Book Company website.


After conducting five research methodologies, the recommendations on each research activity were carried out to the visual designs.

Low Fidelity Prototypes

Lo-fi home page

Home Page Design A

Lo-fi Home Page

Home Page Design B

Medium Fidelity Prototypes


Home Page


Books Page


Staff Picks

Pasta and Wine

Events Page

High Fidelity Prototype

A/B testing


In working on this website, I learned that one crucial component of a website is its information architecture (IA). A good IA changes the interaction of the users drastically. An effective structure is significant in facilitating the smooth journey of the users. More than the colors and layouts, how information is organized is the key to improving usability.

From this project, I also learned my own trademark as a designer. I love creating minimalist and unobtrusive designs. My teammate and I had an intense discussion about branding. I was asserting to be religious with the branding; hence, to retain the dark green and orange (almost red) colors. However, most well-designed travel websites have a Scandinavian design (minimalist, white space, clean). Elliott Bay being considered as an attraction is quite an old soul, has a nostalgic feel, and Christmas-y look. Thus, its present colors provide that feel to the locals. However, as a designer, I asked myself, “how do I become loyal to the branding but showcase a minimalist look?”. This is when I had an AHA moment. I realized that in order to achieve this, I have to use the same colors but play with its contrast, saturation, and opacity. I will be using that strategy onwards.